"What’s goin’ on?!"

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I love you, brother. And I’m sure going to miss you.

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Sora's forms in Kingdom Hearts 2

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Video Game Challenge: [1/7] female characters - Lightning
↳ “Lightning. It flashes bright, then fades away. It can’t protect; it only destroys.”

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assassin’s creed & sim traits

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Skyrim legend tells of a hero known as the Dragonborn, a warrior with the body of a mortal and soul of a dragon, whose destiny it is to destroy the evil dragon Alduin.

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#CaptainAmerica’s shattered shield at the #MarvelSDCC booth. #Avengers #AgeOfUltron #film #Marvel #comics


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Nebula and Gamora: adopted sisters, daughters of Thanos.

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make me choosemahariels asked carver or bethany?

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"The first person I ever revealed my identity to was Dick Grayson. He was about the same age I was when my parents were killed. His parents, circus acrobats - had been murdered. And I wanted to make a difference in his life the way, if my parents had lived, they would have made a difference in mine."

-Batman: Hush

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Brigmore Witches + scenery 

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