Constants and variables.

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borderlands  black & white.

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Is it fate or chance? I can never decide.

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Majestic Map Pack scenery

Damn, when did this get so many notes?


videogame graphic battle | vs. oldwolfs

round six ► word/s description (Booker Dewitt)

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I’m gonna make this right.

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Champion: An honor unique to the Free Marches. It is not an appointment that can be sought. It cannot be owned or willed, and the process by which it is bestowed is not argued through policy or guile. It is earned with blood and sweat and leadership in times of great turmoil. Always worthy, as their deeds are of true importance  a champion is greeted not by debate, but by nods of reverence.

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That’s for if things get really hardcore. Or if you wanna blow up moons. No one’s blowing up moons. You just wanna suck the joy out of everything.

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Get to know me meme: favorite video games [1/5]: the elder scrolls v: skyrim (2011)

"But, there's one they fear. In their tongue, he's Dovahkiin: Dragonborn!"

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My new design of Link as an assassin, done on Painter XI with a Wacom tablet. I love the idea of mashing up Zelda and Assassin’s Creed. The older version of this can be found here.—> [link]

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May you choose them well.

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I wish I didn’t but I miss you.

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"Poor France is ill and our city is a wound, inflamed by all efforts to heal her.

A king once ruled, headstrong and corrupt… now headless and a corpse, murdered by men just as vile.

Today, fanatics from all sides spill blood on every corner. 

A thousand terrors I mean to cure. Day by day.

Street by street.

Templar by Templar.”

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